Paying Fitness Forward

with Raeanne Sisson

Paying Fitness Forward - with Raeanne Sisson

Egg Bake Recipe

I know this is a pretty common way to make eggs, but last weekend was my very first try and I LOVED IT. I thought I would write a blog about it to share it with anyone else who may not have tried it. It’s literally VERY EASY and simple and takes no time at all. Plus, it’s a great snack or meal option HOT or COLD…. and VERY good for you. I know there are several add-ins but I prefer the simple way I make them as there is very little prep involved. Each one ends up being around 100 calories each with a great protein profile of about 8-10g.


STEPS: (Click the picture to view larger)


Yep, I’m Skipping Breakfast

Doing a LOT of reading, researching, finding “underground” nutritional advice lately… and I have really learned a lot. First of all, most of what we “know” about nutrition and exercise is 100% incorrect. Like many things in our society, the ideas that we think are GOSPEL are only considered as such because they are how things “have always been.” And as you may have experienced in your personal lives, or at work… sometimes the mantra “that’s what we have always done” DOES NOT MATTER and is a COMPLETELY BOGUS reason to keep doing something. SIGH. I wish I could blog daily, but there is just not enough time!

Why skip breakfast?

Well, honestly, I have always been an advocate for eating every 2-3 hours starting from the moment you rise. I ate a HUGE meal before my long runs (8+ miles) and always had at least a banana before most other workouts. I have told my clients this mantra as well and the reason being that you need to “kick start” your metabolism. This is, however, not necessarily true. Most people don’t need the “kick” and skipping breakfast can lead to a lot of things as it’s actually a short “fast” that you are creating. There are many benefits to fasting as I have posted about previously here.

You can also read more about fasting on Martin B’s blog. He is pretty much the master on making “Lean Gains” through fasting, lifting heavy, and nutrition. I have also read a lot from Brad Pilon, but after more thorough research have decided to follow Martin’s protocol. Anyways, I digress.

Bottom Line, Do your Research

I have been digging in to what’s out there. Reading, listening, talking to people… and through it all, I have turned what I thought I knew on it’s head completely. Eat breakfast, eat every few hours, low fat, carbs are bad, workout everyday, you must do CARDIO, CUT CALORIES, starve, fat is evil, etc. etc. etc….. ALL NOT TRUE or absolutely necessary for success with fat loss.


A final word…

No “one” thing is going to reign supreme. However, we have to be our own advocates. We have to QUESTION what has been put before us. We have to DISCOVER, TROUBLESHOOT, and LEARN from our past.

My Changes:

I have added more calories. I was eating 1500-1700 cals a day for about 6 months and I haven’t lost any weight! I am super frustrated and after reading, it seems I am in a HUGE deficit and have been for far too long. Fat loss has a happy place, and I am NOT in it! LOL. Using, Here is what I am currently shooting for (after I eat at maintenance for a week or two):


I am also using Martin B.’s Lean Gains protocol and fasting for 14-16 hours daily. In addition, I am lifting heavy 3 days per week and doing some higher intensity cardio for shorter durations with 3-ish mile runs or CrossFit about 3 times per week. I am listening to my body and taking rest days when needed. I am making sure to get enough protein and fats…. eating mostly Paleo….  And I am LOVING LIFE. ;->


In other news…

Don’t remember where I got this pic, so sorry for not citing the source! But I love it:

I got some new products this week I can’t wait to try!

Coffee, a GREAT way to work through a fast…. ;->


Jerky with a pretty healthy label, ie. nitrates & low salt:



Can’t wait to make some protein FLUFF with this amazing deliciousness:


And, to help me with fasting and reaping the benefits… some BCAA’s (have also used Purple Wraath):

<3 Your Body

Starting February 20th, I will be hosting a LOVE YOUR BODY challenge. If you are interested here’s the scoop and details:

  1. Must have a program from Beachbody and/OR Shakeology. For best results, you will use BOTH. Other programs such as running, cross fit, gym workouts are acceptable, but we may ask you to tweak your workouts if you are not seeing results.
  2. Challenge will be 30 days and help you prepare for the warmer months ahead… and the clothes that accompany them!
  3. Most of the accountability will take place on Facebook… and it’s going to be INTENSE.
  4. You will be required to post weekly updates on your progress in a private group setting.
  5. Group will include 4+ TBB Diamond or Emerald level coaches and will be VERY supportive, encouraging, and engaging.
  6. There will be PRIZES!!!!

Let me know ASAP as I only have spots for about 5 people and a couple have already signed up. The STRAWBERRY shakeology will be available for this challenge, and it’s the perfect way to LOVE YOUR BODY!!!! Give yourself the gift of health. You are worth it. If not now, then when?????

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